Wednesday, 23 May 2012


territory |ˈterəˌtôrē|noun ( pl. territories )an area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state: the government wasprepared to give up the nuclear weapons on its territory | sorties into enemy territory.• Zoology an area defended by an animal or group of animals against others of the same sex or species. Compare with home range.• an area defended by a team or player in a game or sport.• an area in which one has certain rights or for which one has responsibility with regard to a particular type of activity: a sales rep for a large territory.• with modifier ] land with a specified characteristic: woodland territory.( Territory )(esp. in the USCanadaor Australiaan organized division of a country that is not yet admitted to the full rights of a area of knowledgeactivityor experience: the contentious territory of clinical standards | the way she felt now—she was in unknown territory.PHRASESgo (or come ) with the territory be an unavoidable result of a particularsituation.ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin territoriumfrom terra land.The word originally denoted the district surrounding and under thejurisdiction of a town or city, specifically a Roman or provincial city.

Monday, 21 May 2012

21.05.2012 bis

Earth Work Series(Mouth): homage to Ana Mendieta
photographic documentation

In another letter written in the early 1980's Ana Mendieta tells of an 'African custom which I analogous to my work...The men from Kimberly go outside their village to seek their brides. When a man brings his new wife home, the woman brings with her  a sack of earth from her homeland and every night she eats a little bit of that earth. The earth will help her make the transition between her homeland and her new home'.

Source: Terra Infirma - Geography's visual Culture, Irit Rogoff, Routledge,  London, 2000


Earth Work Series(Back): homage to Ana Mendieta
photographic documentation

The Primordial sense of Nomos (the Law) is enacted by drawing a line in the soil. This very act initiates a specific concept of law which derives order from notions of space. [It is from this very image] the plough draw lines - furrows in the field - to mark the space of "the own".

Source: Terra Infirma - Geography's visual Culture, Irit Rogoff, Routledge,  London, 2000

Saturday, 12 May 2012

12.05.2012 bis

Examination of any varied collection of charms (Hand Gestures)
with reference to  entry 12.05.2012
photographic documentation


Examination of any varied collection of charms will show that the hand is a common amulet in itself, also that it is used in combination with other objects: sometimes merely grasping them, and sometimes, while grasping the actual charm, making at the same time the important protective gesture.

Source: The Evil Eye, Frederick Thomas Elworthy1895Ch.VII, p272;